Sex Power

The following video – evidently a clip from the obscure 1970 film Sex Power by French director Henri Chapier – manages to combine female near-nudity, erotic choreography, a group of black men, a gigantic, leering strangely inflexible cobra and a soundtrack by Vangelis into one seriously Freudian extravaganza. Words fail me:

…and in the interests of gender equality, here’s a rather catchy little number from Turkey’s gift to the world of pop music, the seriously swivel-hipped Tarkan

…and in an attempt to give this post a veneer of cultural respectability, here’s a traditional interpretation of the same piece of classical Ottoman music…


4 Responses

  1. Never seen this movie by Henry Chapier (although I have seen at least 20 000 movies) and was born in 1961! He did some other movies. He is well known as a movie critic though over here. He worked for Radio Nova.


  2. Classic. Love it! In those days they really knew how to use super glue. And I thought the snake was very good too.

  3. Just think… the creation of that salaciously leering rubber cobra was probably the pinnacle of some long-forgotten prop designer’s career. Poor fool.

  4. Great post George.

    Sounds like a great movie; maybe on a par with Vampiros Lesbos, although no music of note in that classic cult film 🙂

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