UT goes coast to coast

I’m pleased to announce that commencing in May, Ultima Thule will be heard coast-to-coast across Australia’s community FM radio network.

The Community Broadcasting Association of Australia – the country’s peak body representing community radio and television – recently offered us a late night spot on its Community Radio Network – a shared programming service distributed via satellite to over 180 stations across the nation. 

As a consequence, UT will become the first ambient music show to be heard across the length and breadth of the continent in nearly two decades. 

UT will be heard immediately on the 50 stations who already rebroadcast CRN programming live via satellite, while other stations in the network have the option of picking up the show by recording the satellite transmission for later broadcast.   

So, if you wish to hear UT on your local community station, be sure to contact them and let them know that there’s an audience out there for ambient music – as well as a ready source of quality ambient music programming to satisfy that audience thanks to UT and the CBAA. 


4 Responses

  1. Now, can you work a deal to play in Blacksburg, Virginia, USA?

    No, I’m not really serious. But the limited fidelity of your podcasts can be frustrating at times. I think, maybe, it’s time for me to shell out the dough for a Hearts of Space feed too. Gotta support ambient.

    Cheers, and congratulations.

  2. I’ve sent out feelers to Soma FM to see if they might be interested in making a 128k streamed UT channel available, but haven’t had the chance to follow up as yet.

    We receive a lot of traffic from them, and there seems to be a good synergy in terms of content – I think we nicely complement their channels and music choices. I’ll certainly let everyone know if anything develops in that regard.

    Otherwise, we don’t really have the resources to be offering 128k+ versions of the show at this stage – the hosting costs would be astronomical given the ever-increasing volume of online listeners we already have to support.

  3. That would be great! Hope you can pull it off. In these days of war and strife, I find ambient is a great calming influence on my life. Not so much droning semi-dance ambient but what I term ambient space music. I also enjoy the ambient oriented film music and many of the native culture sourced ambient. To have this link available on my mp3 player (iTunes by default) and play anytime I want without having to download would be terrific.

    Thank you George C. and crew. Keep up the good work.

  4. Congrats guys. Keep it coming. First the down under, then hop across Hawaii to North America please 😉

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