God is God

I’ve long been fascinated to hear how different artists interpret the same piece of music, and stumbled across these two examples of a track called God is God in my recent travels around YouTube.

This one’s by Laibach, a Slovenian experimental industrial music and performance art group that’s been around since 1980…

…and this is a very different version from Juno Reactor (aka Ben Watkins and friends), who among other things was responsible for the soundtrack to The Matrix – possibly the most pompous, over-rated science fiction film of all time. It features the voice of Natacha Atlas along with footage borrowed from The Color of Pomegranates, the extraordinary, gorgeously surreal 1968 film by Armenian director Sergei Parajanov


2 Responses

  1. its been a while since i saw that Juno Reactor video, and i forgot how incredibly bizarre it is. thanks for pointing out where the footage is from, ill definitely have to check out that film (though my wife will probably kill me for bringing that home!)

  2. I only saw “Pomegranates” recently, and it is definitely a unique experience. Reminiscent in some ways of the early surrealist art films of the 1930s. It’s basically an allegorical biography of a famous mediaeval Armenian poet. The director also made a second stylistically-similar film called “The Legend of Suram Fortress”, but I’ve not yet seen that.

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